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The J.T. Show (1st Hour)
Why are people listening to Tide Pod eaters and who paid for the buses to Tallahassee?, School Safety and Security, Chicken Hawk's call, After some Cali school districts allow teachers to conceal carry - California bans teachers from returning fire on a school shooter, Jimmy Anthony/Roderick Flowers/Daniel Dunlap from MS Association of Gang Investigators joins the conversation to discuss gang violence in MS, Billy Graham audio - his passing at age 99, AR-15's are flying off the shelves in Florida, ,
The J.T. Show (3rd Hour)
Mike Rowe's comments on the Florida shooting, , The 45 stated Communist Goals - we are watching them in action, , Odd News roundup, , Your Daily Calendar!,
The J.T. Show (2nd Hour)
Thomas' call on carrying concealed in a stadium, , Andy Cannizaro resigns as BB HC at MS State, Clinton's call on School Shootings, , Teasing a conversation we will have tomorrow on Infrastructure, Joe's call on securing schools, ,

Today's Line-up:

The JT Show – Wednesday, February 21st, 2018
10:05 – Jimmy Anthony(Mississippi Association of Gang Investigators) will stop by the studio to talk about the Gang Bill that has been working its way through the Legislature and to explain the work of the M.A.G.I. to combat gangs in the Magnolia State
11:20 – Senator Willie Simmons will stop by to discuss the Infrastructure debate being waged in the Legislature to fix Mississippi roads and bridges


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