Did you know that breweries in Mississippi CAN NOT sell their own product on-site?  Sounds weird, right?  That’s because they can everywhere else in the country.  So why does it matter?  Matthew McLaughlin, Director of the Craft Brewers Guild joins JT to tell you.

If you’re a dog lover, an avid hunter, or just love a good Mississippi story, you will be fascinated by JT’s interview with former police chief and Oxford-based dog trainer Mike Stewart.

Did you ever try to make home movies or set up a photo shoot with your friends when you were younger? Do you have any evidence from an embarrassing memory in your past?

Nine years ago, Ryno and a couple of his college buddies decided to make use of a DUI educational tool as a prop in a spur-of-the-moment skit, complete with bad improv acting. The skit was shot in one take and slapped on the internet for all the world to see. To this day, few people have ever actually seen it. One of the actors, Josh Powell, has gone on to a full-time career in acting, making an appearance in a Super Bowl ad most recently, Jim went on to teach and work on computers, and Ryno found his way behind the microphone and the sound board at Supertalk. While the language in the video is a little coarse and the production value is nearing zero, it is a humorous look back at the past and a reminder of how much some things change and some things stay the same over the course of almost a decade.

[Warning: Ryno does use one curse word in his portrayal of Earl, so there’s your NSFW Language warning. His brother Earl may be cursing the whole time, but you just can’t understand him.]

You might not have video evidence of a stupid skit from your youth, but surely you’ve still got a picture of yourself stuck back somewhere, wearing an outfit or sporting a hair style that looks ridiculous nowadays. Are you still a little embarrassed by some of the stupider or sillier things you did in your youth? Or do you look back and laugh at yourself?

With the self-imposed penalties announced in Oxford yesterday afternoon, the question comes up for Ole Miss fans…Was it worth it?

If you’re a fan of the University of Mississippi, the last 24 hours might have made you feel a little uncomfortable. The elation and pride you carried with you from when your team and its coach landed a top recruiting class, won a bunch of games, and tamed the Tide from Tuscaloosa twice, gave way to confusion and at least a little indignation. This last season hadn’t turned out like you’d hoped, but you’d been told by people you trusted that the NCAA investigation was a “witch hunt” and that things were being blown out of proportion. You’d suffered the slings of rival fans claiming to “know” your beloved Rebels would be getting “hammered” by the NCAA, yet you still believed in the family values and principles prescribed by Hugh Freeze and Ole Miss Football. Like most things in life, it seems the truth was somewhere in the middle, but the result somehow seems worse than you were imagining it would be.

After the Ole Miss administration responded to the now 21 alleged NCAA infractions with a self-imposed 1-year postseason ban(on top of the loss of scholarships and a forfeiture of future income), you might have felt like the rug was pulled from underneath you. That sinking sensation might have been assuaged by the fact that the school appears to be backing their head coach in defending against these allegations, and social media posts promoting solidarity from players on the football team might have emboldened you to believe that things might not be so bad. In all fairness, it might not be that bad. The Rebels will have to serve out their self-imposed penalties, but many expect the NCAA to serve up more punishment, the amount and severity of which is still to be determined. The NCAA could potentially walk back some of the more serious alleged infractions if the Ole Miss administration can prove to the NCAA that the investigation came to the wrong conclusions about the compliance atmosphere in Oxford, but history is not on the side of Hugh Freeze and the Rebels.

So Rebel fans, if the penalties stop with just the self-imposed variety, was it worth it?

If you said yes and the penalties start piling up from the NCAA, will you still say it was worth it?


JT has been touting a lottery in Mississippi as a means to raise infrastructure funding for over a year now, but it appears any hope of getting a lottery bill through the legislature is dead in the water for yet another year. Whether you agree with Speaker Gunn’s flat refusal to hear debate on a lottery bill(based on his Christian faith) or you disagree with his personal beliefs dictating his representative governance, many are still unclear on the facts surrounding the lottery in the Magnolia state.

The modern fight for a state lottery can trace the roots of the movement back to Governor Ray Mabus and the 1990 Legislative Session, but Gov Mabus’ attempt to ride the wave of Southern states like Florida and Louisiana creating lotteries in the late 80’s/early 90’s, found ultimately losing out against Kirk Fordice, a vocal lottery opponent. Neither Gov Mabus or Gov Fordice could do much either way with regards to gaming in Mississippi, because the State Constitution(drafted in 1868/ratified in 1869) forbade a lottery, but the people of Mississippi voted to change the constitution in 1992 with 53% of the population agreeing that a lottery should be allowed in the state of Mississippi.

Now, some 24 years later, many lottery bills have made their way to House and Senate, but none have survived the legislative process. The most recent Power Ball winner hit the jackpot for $435 million, but the likelihood of being the next Richie Rich thanks to the lottery is at an all time low. You may not agree with JT on the need for a lottery, but you’ve gotta admit the issue should have been settled, one way or another, by now. Even though the people of Mississippi voted to make a lottery constitutional back in ’92, would you be in favor of a Ballot initiative on the Lottery?

One of Gallo’s famous quickshots started with random facts about dictators, turned into a discussion about a recent arrest, and ended with a pork chop joke.  Yep…

Whether you realize it or not, Mississippi is on the national map regarding its unbelievable support of college baseball.

Did you ever take a class in school just for the fun of it? Not an elective that you might need to progress academically, but a true blow off class?

JT asked Ryno if he ever took a blow off class, and Ryno turned it around and admitted to taking several history classes in college just because his professor was attractive. JT even confessed to taking a class, in which the professor made him watch every episode of the weird 60’s British TV show “The Prisoner”. Neither one of them probably learned as much as they should have in their  respective electives, but they certainly made some memories.

Fun Classes and Cute Teachers
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2/21/17: JT and Ryno discuss some of their most entertaining classes during their college years.  

So, did you ever take a class just because you wanted to have an experience or make a memory? What was your favorite class looking back?

Southern Miss has a lot to look forward to on the diamond this season, and the defending 2016 C-USA Champions will get the first pitch of their 2017 season across the plate against Northeatern around 4PM at Pete Taylor Park in Hattiesburg. The Golden Eagles will run Junior right-hander Hayden Roberts out on the mound to take on the visiting Huskies, and with the bats of Senior first baseman Dylan Burdeaux and Junior third baseman Taylor Braley, offense shouldn’t be an issue.

The folks in Hattiesburg are so geared up for Black and Gold Baseball that Head Coach Scott Berry put his signature on an “official” work excuse that would allow you to leave work early enough to make it to the park for the season opener.

So if you want to try to get out of work early on a Friday afternoon, just print out your “official” work excuse and see what your boss says!

It isn’t too uncommon to have a celebrity run for public office, and it isn’t unheard of to have a celebrity actually win an election. From former California Governor Schwarzenegger to former Governor Jesse Ventura and even President Donald Trump, political strategists have struggled to replicate the brand and name recognition enjoyed by celebs in America. Now it looks like the Michigan GOP is at least discussing a Senate ticket including self-proclaimed Libertarian rocker Kid Rock.

While no one has actually reached out to Kid Rock(real name Robert Ritchie) to see if he’d even be willing to run for office, but he has thrown his weight behind Republican candidates in the past, including President Trump. While it is unlikely that American politics has made a shift towards celebrities joining the world of politics en masse(except to complain via social media), it is a fun thought problem. If you could pick a celebrity from Mississippi to become a politician, who would you pick? Would Morgan Freeman make a good Governor? What about Brett Favre as a Senator? Would Lance Bass be a good fit in the Legislature? 

NEW YORK, NY – (Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images)
Senator Kid Rock
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2/15/17: Michigan GOP wants Kid Rock to run for Senate 

There are natural reasons of course, but does it go deeper?  Matt Wyatt and Michael Borkey examine college baseball’s popularity in the Magnolia State.

tGallo welcomed State Senator, and Jackson mayoral candidate, John Horhn on his show to discuss the city of Jackson, its problems, and how to fix them.

From Pakistan banning public celebrations of Valentine’s Day to the plethora ofWorst Valentine’s Day Giftslists you’ll see around the web today, the negative emotions that seem to have been swirling around the nation recently are trying to taint Cupid’s favorite day. Then again, not everyone has a Valentine to with whom they can celebrate today, but you wonderfully single folks can take heart in the fact that you are not alone. Americans are avoiding getting married at a rate that hasn’t been seen since 1920 and just because you may not have a “special someone” today, you can still enjoy this Tuesday.

Whether you are celebrating Valentine’s Day or Single Awareness Day, remember that some will no doubt have it better than you, while others undoubtedly have it worse. Take time today to remember and focus on the blessings you have. The emotions you feel today, whether it be love or loneliness, are a blessing in and of themselves, because if you are feeling, it means you are alive(and reading this), which means there is hope that tomorrow can be better, no matter what.


So this is an interesting one.. A current bill that passed through the Mississippi house and is off to the senate would allow students to carry water bottles with them on school buses.  How this bill came about, and the arguments for and against it, are pretttty petty.

The recent match-up between the Thunder and the Warriors in the NBA caused Matt Wyatt to crave more villains and more inter-sport rivalries.