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ON DEMAND | Eagle Hour | The Eagle Hour, November 10, 2017
1:06 pm - November 10
Eagle Hour with Jim Taylor and Luke Johnson with guest former Golden Eagle and current William Carey University Coach Steve Knight.
The Eagle Hour, November 9, 2017
November 9
The Eagle Hour, November 13, 2017
November 13
ON DEMAND | Eagle Hour
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The Eagle Hour - October 17, 2017
Today's Eagle Hour featured former football player for the Golden Eagles Melvin Ratcliff and Jack Duggan,
The Eagle Hour - October 16 2017
On the show today we had guests Lee Roberts and Eddie Willingham along with host Bob Ghetti and Jim "stump" Taylor ,
The Eagle Hour - October 13, 2017
Eagle Hour today with Bob Ghetti, Jim Taylor and Luke Johnson. Today's guest are former football player Cooper Harrington, former Golden Eagle and NFL great Shawn "The Postman" Nelson and Eagle Action Sports.,
The Eagle Hour - October 12, 2017
Bob Ghetti and Kelly Sanner hosted Eagle Hour today while Jim and Luke played golf. On this show, the professor Patrick Magee and the Stadium Sports Play-by-Play guy Ron Thulin joins the guys. ,
The Eagle Hour - October 11, 2017
On the show today USM Softball Coach Wendy Houge along with Host Bob Ghetti, Jim Taylor and Luke Johnson ,
The Eagle Hour - October 10, 2017
UAB Play-By-Play voice David Crane joins Bob Ghetti and Jim Taylor followed by Southern Miss Director of Athletic Development Lee Applewhite.,
The Eagle Hour - October 09, 2017
Today on the show we had USM color analyst Lee Roberts and Host Bob Ghetti and Jim "stump" Taylor ,
The Eagle Hour - October 5, 2017
Eagle Hour today: Volleyball Coach Amanda Berkley, former football great Lehman Braley and the professor Patrick Magee,
The Eagle Hour - October 04, 2017
On the show today we had guest Kevin Heard and Raymond Walls along with Host Bob Ghetti and Jim "stump" Taylor ,
The Eagle Hour - October 3, 2017
On today's Eagle Hour - Big Nasty Jim Carmody joins Jim and Bob talking about his new book release "The Big Nasty" and Tracy Smith - director of the internationally famous Dixie Darlings tells us all about the DD history. ,
The Eagle Hour - September 29, 2017
On the show today we had Host Bob Ghetti and Luke Johnson in for Jim Taylor today ,
The Eagle Hour - September 28, 2017
On Eagle Hour today, former football player Bryan Burns answers questions about Bernie - Vann Hall's pet python snake and the professor Patrick Magee.,
The Eagle Hour - September 27, 2017
On todays show we had guest Former USM Head Football coach Jeff Bower and Stephen Pugh along with host Bob Ghetti and Jim "Stump" Taylor ,
The Eagle Hour - September 26, 2017
On today's Eagle Hour former football player Chris Magee joins Bob and Jim along with former baseball player and now playing in the minor leagues Ashley Graeter.,
The Eagle Hour - September 25, 2017
On the show today Lee Roberts and Albert McRae ,
The Eagle Hour - September 22, 2017
On the show today former USM football player Akeem Lockett and Ivory Bradshaw along with Host Bob Ghetti, Luke Johnson and Jim "Stump" Taylor ,
The Eagle Hour - September 20th, 2017
Eagle Hour welcomes Head Football Coach Jay Hopson, former football player LT Gulley and the professor Patrick Magee - all on today with Bob Ghetti and Jim Taylor.,
The Eagle Hour - September 20, 2017
On today's Eagle Hour, former football player Scott Harper and former soccer player Adriana Garcia join Bob Ghetti and Jim "Stump" Taylor.,
The Eagle Hour - September 19th, 2017
Eagle Hour guest for today include Jack Dunigan talking about football season thus far and former football player Frank Firestone.,
The Eagle Hour - September 18, 2017
On the show today we had Lee Roberts and former USM Quarterback Reggie Collier ,
The Eagle Hour - September 15, 2017
Today's Eagle Hour guest former Southern Miss and NFL great Jeff Posey and another former football player Don Bolling.,
The Eagle Hour - September 14, 2017
Eagle Hour welcomes former volleyball player Lydia Bonner-Armekin along with The Professor Patrick Magee.,
The Eagle Hour - September 13, 2017
Eagle Hour continues interviewing Southern Miss M-Club Hall of Fame members with Sidney Coleman today. Also, Dr. Colin McKenzie - director of the Pride of MS joins us talking about the spectacular performance Saturday night at half time as the Pride along with Southern University band played a rendition of America the Beautiful. ,
The Eagle Hour - September 12, 2017
Eagle Hour today. Luke and Jim continue speaking with the Hall of Fame Class 2017 - Tosha Firestone. Tosha is one of the greatest volleyball players to have played at Southern Miss. Also, Ben Willoughby join the guys. ,
The Eagle Hour - August 08, 2017
Eagle Hour will honor the Southern Miss M-Club Hall of Fame members this week. Renee Magee will join us talking about her great basketball career with the Lady Eagles and Conner McKie will talk about her soccer days with the Eagles. Jim "Stump" Taylor and Luke Johnson on today's Eagle Hour. ,