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Good Things with Rebecca Turner

Weekdays, 2 - 3 p.m.

Good Things with Rebecca Turner is Mississippi's Radio Happy Hour. Join Rebecca as she brings you the good stories about Mississippi's people, places and things to do.

Life doesn't have to be so serious, so let's have fun!

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Rebecca Turner
Host of Good Things with Rebecca Turner
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Photo by Sarah Ulmer

Ryne "Ryno" Montgomery
Producer of Good Things with Rebecca Turner
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The Latest Good Things

Books, Books, and More Books

By Rebecca Turner | August 15, 2017

The third annual Mississippi Book Festival is fast approaching. Executive director, Holly Lange, stopped by the studio to give us the details what to expect at the festival. Gathering authors from all literature walks of life is part of what makes the festival so intriguing. Kayla Rae Whitaker joined the conversation by phone from Kentucky … Continue reading “Books, Books, and More Books”

History Made at American Legion Tyner-Ford

By Rebecca Turner | August 14, 2017

Michelle served our country as a Marine gunnery sergeant, and recently took her gavel and her place in the history of American Legion Tyner-Ford Post 213 as its first female commander. Michelle called into Good Things to share her exciting news. Click to listen:

William Carey Rebuilding a Better Campus

By Rebecca Turner | August 9, 2017

On January 21, 2017, the Mississippi Pine Belt encountered an E-3 tornado. William Carey University suffered the greatest hit with nearly 90% of their buildings affected. Fast forward 6 months and William Carey is starting back the fall semester with a fresh start and perspective. Dr. Scott Hummel, Executive Vice President and Provost, joined Good … Continue reading “William Carey Rebuilding a Better Campus”

Mississippian on American Ninja Warrior

By Rebecca Turner | August 7, 2017

Tonight, Josh Butler from Terry, MS will compete on the show American Ninja Warrior at 7pm on NBC. While that is exciting enough, it’s the story behind the scenes that provides the most encouragement. Josh and Katie Butler are a living testament to what it means to have true faith, trust, and hope in a … Continue reading “Mississippian on American Ninja Warrior”

General Fox Conner

By Rebecca Turner | August 7, 2017

It’s hard to be a Mississippian and not be curious or intrigued by the stories of the past. Often we focus on events, large scale movements, or political transitions, and forget that actual people, who called Mississippi home, were here living out those great stories. Award winning author, Steven Rabalais, stopped by the studio to … Continue reading “General Fox Conner”

Wedding Trends in Mississippi

By Rebecca Turner | August 7, 2017

It’s that time of year for school-bells and wedding-bells! Folks are off to class and off to the alter, and everyone wants to do it in style. Planning the perfect wedding can be the most wonderful (stressful) time of your life. But, with a little organization and helpful tips to keep you focused on what’s … Continue reading “Wedding Trends in Mississippi”

Back to School with School Lunch

By Rebecca Turner | August 4, 2017

To pack or not to pack- your kid’s lunch- that is the question!  There is a lot that goes into answering that question, but don’t count out school food services. As a dietitian, I want to shed some light on the Good Things that are happening in many cafeterias around Mississippi. Registered Dietitian and Child … Continue reading “Back to School with School Lunch”

Snow Cone Stand Raises Mega Money

By Rebecca Turner | August 4, 2017

After an earthquake hit the Philippians, one boonville boy wanted to make a difference.  Webb DeVaughn, set out to help raise funds for Rosemary’s Home of Hope by selling snow cones for $1.00. His mom, Misty DeVaughn, wanted to help boost his clientele and made a boost on Facebook- as you can imagine, the word snowballed … Continue reading “Snow Cone Stand Raises Mega Money”

Mississippi Girlchoir Teaching Vocal Excellence

By Rebecca Turner | August 3, 2017

The Mississippi Girlchoir (MGC) is Mississippi’s premier choral organization for girls in grades 3-12. The organization was founded in 1995 with just 17 young women and has grown to more than 100 voices divided into four distinct choirs: Their mission is to foster a dedicated community of vocal excellence through music education, vocal training and … Continue reading “Mississippi Girlchoir Teaching Vocal Excellence”

Miss Hospitality 2017

By Rebecca Turner | August 2, 2017

Southern Hospitality is the hallmark of Mississippi. Whether you live across the pond as they say, or down the street, Mississippians will welcome you into their businesses and homes with a unique warmth and friendliness. So, it’s no wonder that Mississippi has a pageant that beautifully displays this tradition. The Miss Hospitality Pageant began in 1949 … Continue reading “Miss Hospitality 2017”

Good Things :: On Demand

ON DEMAND | Good Things with Rebecca Turner
Good Things with Rebecca Turner
Holly Lange from the Mississippi Book Festival joins the conversation to discuss the history of the Book Festival and what you can expect when you stop by this weekend!, Kayla Rae Whitaker, the author of "The Animators", stops by to talk about her book and her creative process!, Rebecca and Ryno discuss their favorite books!,
Good Things with Rebecca Turner
Good Things with Rebecca Turner
Good Things with Rebecca Turner
Good Things with Rebecca Turner
Dr. Scott Hummel(Executive Vice President and Provost of William Carey in Hattiesburg) stopped by to talk about the rebuilding that has taken place on William Carey's campus following a January tornado that decimated the campus, Leah Kemp(Director of the Carl Small Town Center at Mississippi State University) joined the conversation to discuss city planning for towns and cities across the Magnolia State!,
Good Things with Rebecca Turner
Robert St. John stops by to talk about the outrageous milkshakes at his burger spot - Ed's Burger Joint!, William Heard from Tupelo joins the conversation to talk about how a car accident changed his life forever and how he was inspired by the movie "Pollock" to pick up a splatter-style of painting!,
Good Things with Rebecca Turner
Mr. Bill Lee(Military Historian) and Steven Rabalais(Author) will join the conversation to talk the Army Historical Foundation rewarding Mr. Rabalais' book “Major General Fox Conner: Pershing’s Operation Officer and Eisenhower’s Mentor” about General Conner, a Slate Springs(Calhoun County) native.,
Good Things with Rebecca Turner
Dr. Nadoff joins the conversation to discuss winning an honor from the Society of Behavioral Sleep Medicine!, Brad Barlow(Child Nutrition Program Director at Harrison Co Schools) talking about his efforts to make school lunches better!,
Good Things with Rebecca Turner
Glen Martin from Brookhaven stops by to talk about sinking his 6th(!) hole-in-one, Laurel and Scott from the Mississippi Girl Choir join the conversation to discuss their plans for the Magnolia State’s premier girl choir,
Good Things with Rebecca Turner
Good Things with Rebecca Turner
Judy Tucker stops by to talk about her book "A Year in Mississippi", Kathy Walker joins the conversation to discuss her program "Spirit Girls" and the fun she has with her team!,
Mississippi's First Lady is simply delightful!
Mrs. Deborah Bryant stopped by the studio with cookies for Rebecca and Ryno, and she chatted with Rebecca about her efforts to restore the Governor's Mansion and spending time with her grandbabies!
Bacon Brothers on Good Things!
The Bacon Brothers(Michael and Kevin) stopped by Good Things with Rebecca Turner!
Sweet Potato Queen - Good Things