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Good Things with Rebecca Turner

Weekdays, 2 - 3 p.m.

Good Things with Rebecca Turner is Mississippi's Radio Happy Hour. Join Rebecca as she brings you the good stories about Mississippi's people, places and things to do.

Life doesn't have to be so serious, so let's have fun!

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Rebecca Turner
Host of Good Things with Rebecca Turner
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Photo by Sarah Ulmer

Ryne "Ryno" Montgomery
Producer of Good Things with Rebecca Turner
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The Latest Good Things

Mississippi LifeChanger Nominee

By Rebecca Turner | January 15, 2018

Can you name a teacher that was instrumental in getting you where you are today? Don’t you wish you could award all the stellar educators in your life? Woodrow Price, a first grade teacher at Sherman Avenue in Warren County, joined the conversation to talk about his community nominating him for the national LifeChanger of … Continue reading “Mississippi LifeChanger Nominee”

Mississippi and the Great Depression

By Rebecca Turner | January 12, 2018

When the Great Depression began, Mississippi was still recovering from a flood, dust bowl, and deforestation.  Nevertheless, innovative Mississippians managed to keep their businesses and services open. Author Richelle Putnam also highlights the state’s spiritual and cultural giants, who rose from the nation’s poorest state to create a lasting footprint of determination, pride and hope … Continue reading “Mississippi and the Great Depression”

Oxford Restaurant Invited to NYC

By Rebecca Turner | January 11, 2018

Leave it to a Mississippi boy to capture the heart of a Northern California gal and convince her to move to the Magnolia State to raise a family. That Mississippi transplant is Emily Blount, the owner of Saint Leo a thriving restaurant in Oxford, MS. A 2017 James Beard Foundation “Best New Restaurant” semifinalist, Saint … Continue reading “Oxford Restaurant Invited to NYC”

Women in Politics

By Rebecca Turner | January 10, 2018

It can be disheartening to hear that Mississippi is one of two states that have never sent a woman to either the Senate or the House. The other is Vermont. Yet, it is encouraging to watch women, like State Treasurer Lynn Fitch, blaze trails in Mississippi politics. Still, more of Mississippi’s talented, well organized and … Continue reading “Women in Politics”

Use Social Media to Succeed in 2018

By Rebecca Turner | January 8, 2018

Let’s face it, reaching your New Year’s resolution alone can be daunting. Don’t go at it alone, use the power of social accountability to keep you on track. Registered dietitian, Constance Shelby, founder of Perfect Fit Nutrition stopped by the studio to talk nutrition and support for Mississippi women.

Stay Warm and Save Money

By Rebecca Turner | January 5, 2018

Don’t Drop the Ball on Energy Savings This New Year!  Even though warm temps are headed our way this weekend, you still want to be sure you’re taking every chance to save money at the meter! Mara Hartman with Entergy Mississippi stopped by the studio to talk tips to save you money on your electric … Continue reading “Stay Warm and Save Money”

STAN: Stop the Abuse Now

By Rebecca Turner | January 4, 2018

A short drive from the Square in Oxford leads to one of the most actively involved nonprofits in the area: Exchange Club Family Center. When you enter the building: A sign in the front lobby reads: “We work for the day child abuse no longer exists.” Fred Johnson, the director of the Exchange Club Family … Continue reading “STAN: Stop the Abuse Now”

Mississippi Bear Hunters

By Rebecca Turner | January 3, 2018

You may have heard the story of Robert Eager Bobo, before- the famous bear hunter from the Mississippi Delta, but there is more to the story.   Jim McCafferty, the author of The Bear Hunter: The Life and Times of Robert Eager Bobo in Canebrakes of the Old South, stopped by the studio to share … Continue reading “Mississippi Bear Hunters”

Mississippi’s NASA Hidden Figure

By Rebecca Turner | December 29, 2017

Recall the movie, Hidden Figures, 3 brilliant African- American women at NASA- served as the brains behind one of the greatest operations in history’s. But that isn’t the only remarkable achievement made by an African-American women at NASA Behind the NASA scenes there are countless people, keeping things together that never make the limelight- one … Continue reading “Mississippi’s NASA Hidden Figure”

Novelist from Hattiesburg

By Rebecca Turner | December 28, 2017

Many of Mississippi’s most interesting writers have a day job, just like you- but are fulfilling their dreams of putting stories into the world as becoming a published author. Len Melvin from Hattiesburg, has three decades of law experiences and two novels under his belt.  You can hear more about his unique story here:

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ON DEMAND | Good Things with Rebecca Turner
Good Things with Rebecca Turner
Woodrow Price has been nominated for a prestigious national award, and his energy and passion for educating kids is a clear indication of why his name was thrown in the hat!,
Good Things with Rebecca Turner
Emily Havens joins the conversation to discuss Mississippi Night at the Grammys coming home to the Magnolia State after 8 years in L.A., Richelle Putnam stops by to discuss her new book "Mississippi in the Great Depression"!,
Good Things with Rebecca Turner
Emily Blount from Saint Leo restaurant in Oxford joined the conversation to discuss being recognized by the nation's most prestigious foodie award! ,
Good Things with Rebecca Turner
State Treasurer Lynn Fitch stops by the studio to discuss what lead her to enter he political world, what the life of a bill looks like, and what drives her passion to gift for equal pay. ,
Good Things with Rebecca Turner
Rebecca and Ryno bring you a variety of Good Things on this fine Monday afternoon!,
Good Things with Rebecca Turner
Constance Shelby stopped by the studio to talk with Rebecca about how you can use Social Media to better yourself in the new year!,
Good Things with Rebecca Turner
Mara from Entergy stopped by the studio to tell you how you can save money on your energy bill this time of year!,
Good Things with Rebecca Turner
Fred Johnson, the Director of Family Center, joined the conversation to discuss the efforts underway to end child abuse in the Magnolia State!,
Good Things with Rebecca Turner
Jim McCafferty, author of "The Bear Hunter: The Life and Times of Robert Eager Bobo in the Canebrakes of the Old South",
Good Things with Rebecca Turner
Rebecca and Ryno hop in the way back machine and look back at movies and music that are turning 20 years old this year! ,
Good Things with Rebecca Turner
Mississippi's First Lady is simply delightful!
Mrs. Deborah Bryant stopped by the studio with cookies for Rebecca and Ryno, and she chatted with Rebecca about her efforts to restore the Governor's Mansion and spending time with her grandbabies!
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The Bacon Brothers(Michael and Kevin) stopped by Good Things with Rebecca Turner!
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