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Anthony Fox rehired by Clinton Police Department after being cleared from abuse case

Anthony Fox
Photo courtesy of the Clinton Police Department

A former Jackson police officer accused of extreme actions that caused a 62-year-old man to die has been released from custody following a mandate from the Mississippi Court of Appeals.

Following a 5-4 decision by the appeals court to overturn Anthony Fox’s five-year sentence for culpable-negligence manslaughter in the death of George Robinson, the officer has been released from the Madison County Detention Center. Fox has also been rehired as a member of the Clinton Police Department where he was employed at the time of his conviction.

In January 2019, Fox, alongside officers Lincoln Lampley and Desmond Barney, were staking out an area on Jones Avenue in Jackson in search of a man accused of killing a local pastor when it all went wrong.

A barbecue was taking place at a nearby residence and the officers were planning to interview those at the location to see if they could gather information about the suspected killer. Robinson, who allegedly was hosting the barbecue, was returning home from the store when he was approached by Fox.

Two bystanders testified that Fox yanked Robinson out of his vehicle, slammed him to the ground, stomped on him, and used excessive force to the victim’s head and chest area. Robinson was cited by Fox for resisting arrest and was told to leave the scene. Fox’s attorneys say that the two eyewitnesses’ testimonies described events that were completely impossible based on the medical evidence.

Soon after, Robinson went to a local hotel to visit his girlfriend who was living at the location. She had allegedly left to go to the store while Robinson was in good condition, but returned to him in an unconscious state.

Paramedics rushed Robinson to the University of Mississippi Medical Center where he was reported to have a subdural hematoma, or collection of blood, on his brain. An emergency craniotomy was performed to relieve the pressure. Nonetheless, Robinson passed away at the hospital two days later.

While the other two officers have since been cleared of any wrongdoing, Fox was sentenced by Hinds County Circuit Court Judge Adrienne Wooten for Robinson’s death after being hired by the Clinton Police Department. The injuries the 62-year-old sustained from the law enforcement officer were believed to be directly related to his passing, but Fox’s legal counsel maintained that the officer was operating within the scope of his duties.

Clinton Police Chief Ford Hayman announced that the city’s Board of Aldermen approved the chief’s request to bring Fox back as a member of the department. Fox will work as a K-9 narcotics detective in the Jackson suburb.

“This is truly a blessing for Fox to be back where he belongs,” Hayman said. “Our city and our community are safer with Anthony Fox at work. I am happy that he will be returning to our detective squad.”

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