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Batesville Police Department threatening to jail parents of juveniles who commit crimes

Batesville Police
Photo courtesy of the Batesville Police Department

The Batesville Police Department is threatening possible jail time for parents and guardians of youth caught committing crimes in the city.

Police Chief Kerry Pittman warns residents that a group of juveniles is going around neighborhoods late at night checking door handles of vehicles in search of money, guns, and other valuables. There are also reports of vehicles being stolen.

Pittman is encouraging Batesville citizens to keep vehicles locked at all times to limit the chances of belongings being tampered with.

The police chief is also issuing a strong warning to the juveniles committing the crimes, as well as their parents or guardians.

“We are going to figure out who you are and when we do, you will be charged with the crimes you have committed,” Pittman said. “Parents and guardians of the juveniles, when your juvenile is charged with these crimes, please be advised that you are going to also be charged with contributing to delinquency or neglect of a child.”

Pittman adds that parents or guardians will be financially liable for any damages that are reported as a result of the crimes committed by the youth.

“You will also be held responsible for any damages that occur during the commission of those crimes. Be advised that if your child commits a felony, your charges will also be a felony,” Pittman added. “These crimes will not be tolerated and suspects will be charged to the fullest extent that the law allows!”

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