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Billy Grahams daughter leads new seminary program for the MS. Dept. of Corrections

Photo courtesy of Mississippi Department of Corrections

The daughter of evangelist Billy Graham will lead a new seminary program for the MS Dept. of Corrections.  Ruth Graham has taken her ministry to prisons before.  It was during a visit to Angola that she met a death row inmate named Mike.  A woman emailed her after the visit became public, wanting to know if she’d met Mike and if he was a believer.  When Ruth asked what the woman’s interest in Mike was, she was stunned by the answer.

“He brutally murdered my granddaughter years ago,” she was told.  “And I want to know if he’s gonna be in heaven with me.”  During an interview on The Gallo Radio Show on SuperTalk Mississippi,  Ruth told us it was in that moment that she realized she had no idea what real forgiveness is.  The incident inspired her to write the book “Forgiving My Father, Forgiving Myself”.

The 14-week ministry on forgiveness will be done via Zoom, and is funded by private donors.

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