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Brandon Presley challenges Gov. Tate Reeves to 5 debates across Mississippi

The campaign trail is heating up with Democratic gubernatorial candidate Brandon Presley challenging incumbent Tate Reeves to five debates across Mississippi.

In a statement released Monday, Presley did not offer locations for said debates but called on the Republican governor to publicly address his alleged role in the largest public fraud scheme in Mississippi history and to debate the Democratic challenger on other issues relating to the state’s ongoing hospital crisis and tax policy.

Throughout his campaign, Presley has taken shots at Reeves for Mississippi’s failure to pass ethics reform legislation, expand Medicaid coverage, and eliminate the state’s grocery tax — which is the highest in the U.S. — during his first term as governor.

“I won’t back down from a debate because, unlike Tate Reeves, I am not afraid to face the people of Mississippi. Citizens are owed debates from candidates for governor and I’ll debate anywhere, any time. Tate Reeves has been caught red-handed in the largest welfare scandal in state history and he doesn’t want to answer for his role in it,” Presley stated.

“As governor, I won’t hide from the people in the Governor’s Mansion — I will be out with the people of Mississippi. It’s time Tate Reeves stops hiding from Mississippians and answers questions about his failed record on making healthcare affordable, cutting taxes, and tackling corruption.”

Presley’s challenge to the incumbent follows a June spat between Reeves and California governor Gavin Newsom in which Reeves invited Newsom to his deer camp to engage in a debate over gun policy.

At the time of publication, Reeves had not responded to a request for comment from SuperTalk Mississippi News to address Presley’s remarks.

Reeves and Presley will square off in the upcoming general election on November 7. Mississippians have until October 9 to register to vote in the general election.

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