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Cops in Shops: 21 citations issued in Oxford

Earlier this month, agents with the Mississippi Alcoholic Beverages Control  (ABC) Bureau of Enforcement worked a “Cops In Shops” detail in cooperation with the Lyric in Oxford.

During the operation, twenty-one citations were issued.  Eight citations were issued for possession of fake drivers licenses, seven were issued for a minor in possession of beer, two citations were issued for a minor in possession of alcoholic beverages, two citations were issued for furnishing a beer to a minor, one public intoxication citation was issued, and one citation was issued for disorderly conduct.  Officials say one person was jailed as a result of the operation.

According to the ABC, the “Cops in Shops” program occurs when an ABC permitted business requests agents to assist with curtailing the use of fake ID’s and underage drinking at the permitted location. Agents working in a plainclothes capacity act as employees of the business to check ID’s and observe other violations by patrons.

If you own an ABC permitted business, and would like to participate in a” Cops in Shops” detail, please contact ABC Enforcement at 601-923-7630.

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