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Department of Health urging residents to get tested for STDs

December 1 is recognized as World AIDS Day and the Mississippi State Department of Health is encouraging residents to get tested for possible sexually transmitted diseases.

Syphilis continues to pose many dangers for young adults in the state and is especially a special danger to pregnant women and their babies. Mississippi currently ranks No. 4 in the nation in congenital syphilis rates.

Another STD, HIV, is prevalent throughout the Magnolia State — impacting more than 10,000 Mississippians.

In order to combat the state’s STD rates, particularly for syphilis and HIV, free testing is provided statewide by the STD check service. Medical experts say getting tested is the first step toward staying healthy and stopping the spread of these diseases.

The MSDH recommends that residents seeking to get tested take the following steps:

  • Find a nearby testing laboratory based on one’s zip code
  • Call (800) 456-2323
    • Press 1 to request your free syphilis or HIV test
    • Schedule a time and location convenient for the patient

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