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ON DEMAND | Eagle Hour | The Eagle Hour, July 10, 2018
2:19 pm - July 10
Kelly Sanner in today for Eagle Hour with former Golden Eagle football player and now coach at the famous Hoover High School in Alabama and former baseball player Cliff Wren.
The Eagle Hour, July 10, 2018
July 10
The Eagle Hour, November 1, 2018
November 1
ON DEMAND | Eagle Hour
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Eagle Hour today- Southern Miss AD Jon Gilbert and Stephen Pugh talking about the game day events for the last home game this season.,
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Eagle Hour today - former Lady Eagle basketball player Amber Eugene and former Golden Eagle football player Rod Crayton,
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Eagle Hour - Baseball Coach BA Vollmuth talks about upcoming baseball campus taking place at The Pete and Jones College Head Football Coach and former Southern Miss coach Steve Buckley joins Eagle Hour talking about juco football and the Bobcats game for the state title Saturday. ,
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Eagle Hour today - Luke Johnson is back on the air with "The Professor" Patrick Magee and Lee Roberts.,
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Eagle Hour today - "The Professor" Patrick Magee ,