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ON DEMAND | Eagle Hour | The Eagle Hour, December 03, 2018
1:06 pm - December 3
Eagle Hour with The Professor - Patrick Magee and Lee Roberts
The Eagle Hour, December 03, 2018
December 3
The Eagle Hour - March 4, 2019
March 4
ON DEMAND | Eagle Hour
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The Eagle Hour - March 15, 2019
Eagle Hour today - we are getting a golf lesson from former Southern Miss men's golfer and now a golf coach for the Louisiana Ragin Cajuns - Derek Plucienski and former Golden Eagle basketball player Quinton Campbell is back in the states from playing ball overseas joins us to talk about his basketball days.,
The Eagle Hour - March 14 2019
Eagle Hour today, former Southern Miss Lady Eagle golfer Mackenzie Kelly joins us with her golf advice plus "The Professor" Patrick Magee, Sun Herald gives us updates on the Golden Eagles.,
The Eagle Hour - March 13, 2019
On Eagle Hour today - former Southern Miss basketball player Allen Chapman, from the NIT Championship team, family is all about Black & Gold. His son Jamie played basketball for the Golden Eagles and daughter Ashley is currently a member of the Lady Eagle volleyball team. Allen joins us today talking about a family that bleeds Southern Miss.,
The Eagle Hour - March 12, 2019
Eagle Hour today - a preview of the upcoming baseball against LA - Lafayette with play-by-play guy Jay Walker and former Southern Miss basketball great and NBA player Joe Courtney - tells his Golden Eagle stories and talks about his book "Life Above and Beyond the Rim",
The Eagle Hour - March 11, 2019
Today on Eagle Hour - Baseball Coach Scott Berry talks about last weekends games and former Southern Miss track & field team member Courtland Wells talks about his days with the team.,
The Eagle Hour - March 8, 2019
Today on Eagle Hour - we talk basketball with Coach Doc Sadler. Also, in honor of our track & Field team members at the indoor nationals, we are speaking with two former track & field team members who were top in their division - Marcus Norwood and Ashley Reyer-Castleman. ,
The Eagle Hour - March 7, 2019
Eagle Hour today with Luke Johnson . Baseball game preview of this weekends games with Holy Cross Head Coach DiCenzo. Former Southern Miss track & field team member Stephanie Ledgerwood talks about distance running and "The Professor" Patrick Magee.,
The Eagle Hour - March 6, 2019
Today on Eagle Hour - former track & field team member Napolean Benoit and Southern Miss men's golf coach Eddie Brescher. ,
The Eagle Hour - March 5, 2019
The Eagle Hour - March 4, 2019
Eagle Hour today - Baseball Coach Scott Berry and former Southern Miss golfer Tim Yelverton,