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ON DEMAND | Eagle Hour | The Eagle Hour, January 3, 2019
2:16 pm - January 3
Eagle Hour today former Golden Eagle basketball player Carl Henderson and "The Professor" Patrick Magee.
The Eagle Hour, January 3, 2019
January 3
The Eagle Hour, January 9, 2019
January 9
ON DEMAND | Eagle Hour
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The Eagle Hour, January 23, 2019
Eagle Hour - 2 great former Golden Eagle basketball players talk with us today - Daron Jenkins and John Lacey. Also, Brad Stephenn joins us prevewing the game with Western Kentucky. ,
The Eagle Hour, January 22, 2019
Eagle Hour - Honoring Lady Eagle softball with the 3 senior players - Samantha Papp, Sarah Van Schaik and Chase Nelson. ,
The Eagle Hour, January 21, 2019
Eagle Hour - former Lady Eagle basketball player Vera Perry-Harris and Collin Cargill talks about the upcomng baseball banquet honoring the 2009 World Series team.,
The Eagle Hour, January 18, 2019
Eagle Hour - Ted Alexander play-by-play guy from Old Dominion, Brad Smith Senior Associate AD for External Affairs, plus Chae Carter of Carter's Jewelry ,
The Eagle Hour, January 17, 2019
Eagle Hour - former Southern Miss great Hanford Dixon talks about Todd Monken becoming offensive coordinator for the Cleveland Browns. Also, "The Professor" Patrick Magee ,
The Eagle Hour, January 16, 2019
Eagle Hour - Southern Miss track coach Jon Stewart and Charlotte play-by-play guy Matt Swierod,
The Eagle Hour, January 15, 2019
Eagle Hour - It's Basketball Tuesday today with Golden Eagle basketball Tyree Griffin and former Lady Eagle Lana Lewis,
The Eagle Hour, January 14, 2019
Eagle Hour -Tyler Cleveland , former great Lady Eagle basketball player Jerontay Clemons and Michael Borkey.,
The Eagle Hour, January 11, 2019
Eagle Hour today - former Southern Miss Golden Eagle basketball player now Coach - Newton Mealer and David Crane - UAB play-by-play guy . ,
The Eagle Hour, January 10, 2019
Eagle Hour - former Golden Eagle basketball player Marcus Crowell and "The Professor" Patrick Magee,
The Eagle Hour, January 9, 2019
Eagle Hour - Volleyball coach Stephanie Radecki,