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Family calls for transparency in ‘lynching’ of Rasheem Carter

Photo courtesy of Laurel Police Department

Four sets of remains connected to the death of Rasheem Carter have been discovered, according to an attorney for the victim’s family.

Over six months have passed since the 25-year-old was first reported missing by family members on October 2, 2022, with his skeletal remains being discovered in Smith County exactly one month later.

The Fayette native, who was working as a welder in Taylorsville at the time of his death, was last seen at a Super 9 hotel in Laurel. On November 2, officials found Carter’s head completely severed from his spinal cord in a wooded area of a property in Taylorsville.

Since then, Carter’s remains have been identified by the Mississippi Crime Lab after being found in three additional locations, leading the victim’s family to hire civil rights and personal injury attorney Ben Crump.

During a news conference on Thursday, Crump explained that he and the family had been informed by a civilian that police may have discovered Carter’s arm and hand in a fourth location.

“What we have is a Mississippi lynching,” Crump said. “A Mississippi lynching in 2022.”

Crump added that although the family has been informed of the recent finding, the Mississippi Crime Lab has yet to confirm if the hand and arm belong to Carter.

“We are demanding transparency. Tell us if this is or if it isn’t the arm and hand of Rasheem Carter,” Crump exclaimed. “If it’s not, that raises even more serious questions because then that would suggest that there is some serial killer out here. I mean, you are finding human remains all in the same vicinity.”

According to Carter’s mother, Tiffany Carter, her son had also expressed fear for his life over text messages and phone calls to her on the day prior to his disappearance. She added that Carter had talked about “three truckloads of white guys” that were following him, saying that he suspected his manager was the reason he was being targeted.

“I am overwhelmed by the oppression. The state of Mississippi has failed to help us get justice for my son. I want something done, and I want it done immediately,” Carter’s mother stated at the news conference. “I am tired of waiting and going through the same things. Although I can’t change what happened, we can make a change so that this doesn’t happen to anyone else.”

In late March, the Mississippi Department of Public Safety released that Carter’s cause of death could not be determined by the medical examiner’s office due to the conditions of his remains. Shortly after, officials with the MBI and the Smith County Sheriff’s Department (SCSD) stated that foul play was not suspected in the incident.

At this time, Carter’s family is offering $5,000 to any individuals who may have additional details connected to his death.

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