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Football legend looks to bring cannabis products to Mississippi

Photo Courtesy of Boomer Kush by Marcus Dupree

Now that a medical marijuana program is heading to Mississippi, Philadelphia native and high school football legend Marcus Dupree is looking to bring his cannabis-infused pain cream to the Magnolia State.

Dupree, who officially opened his company, Boomer Kush, back in April, has recently introduced a topical cream, infused with both CBD and THC, focused on quickly reducing inflammation and pain. According to the former University of Oklahoma and Los Angeles Rams running back, multiple people—from professional athletes to patients suffering from cancer—have raved about the product.

“This goes right to the area, takes down the swelling, and it works. I got a couple of pro football players on it right now. They love it,” Dupree said. “The person that came to me who had cancer, she hadn’t tasted food in four months…She came to me, and I said, ‘Well, I can’t send it to Mississippi. You’ll have to come to Oklahoma.’ She came to Oklahoma, she tried it, and within less than an hour, she could taste her food.”

Due to medical marijuana being illegal on the federal level, cannabis businesses are required to cultivate, produce, and sell their products all within the confines of whichever state they’re licensed in. Even though this presents a slight challenge for Dupree and others within the industry, he envisions a plan to open a facility right here in central Mississippi—possibly Yazoo City.

“We are putting together a company and it should be coming up pretty soon. We are going to try and mix with some people from Mississippi,” Dupree explained. “We want to stay in the center part of the state…I want to take baby steps. I don’t want to get out there and be this big company. We’re all about money, but we’re also all about helping people.”

Currently, getting his products to Mississippi remains in “the planning stage” as the Mississippi State Department of Health does not plan to release its final rules and regulations for the state’s recently-introduced medical marijuana program until July of 2021.

“We are wanting to get more Mississippi people involved in what we’re doing,” Dupree said. “I just want Mississippi to prosper. I hope everybody can work together to bring the old school Mississippi to the new school, and let’s move forward.”

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