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Former Mississippi DPS Commissioner believes push for medical marijuana is part of a bigger plan

State lawmakers say they’re getting close to a deal on a medical marijuana program for Mississippi.  But former Dept. of Public Safety Commissioner Marshall Fisher told SuperTalk Mississippi he believes this is all part of a bigger plan.  “It’s never been about medical marijuana, and I don’t care what they tell you.”  Fisher believes the real goal of those pushing for medical marijuana is all-out legalization.

During an interview on The Gallo Show, Fisher told us there isn’t a lot of difference in marijuana use among caucasions and African-Americans.  “But four times as many African-Americans will be arrested for possession.”  And in state’s where it’s already legal, he argues it’s important to note where dispensaries end up.  “52% of the placement of these dispensaries are in 3 counties in Colorado.  80% of the dispensaries in California are in 20%–I believe that’s correct–of the area of California.”  Basically, he’s saying that most of the dispensaries end up in disadvantaged neighborhoods.

But there’s more.  Fisher pointed to a 2018 study that found for every dollar Colorado makes on marijuana, they spend more than four to counteract its affects.  “One in every four road deaths in Colorado right now, marijuana is involved.  There’s a national study from 2020 that says an additional 6800 people will die on the highways in the United States because of marijuana use this year.”

He mentioned short-term harm with marijuana that is much more potent than it was 20 years ago.  “Overdoses, marijuana related hospitalizations and E.R. visits, accidental child ingestion and a rise in marijuana-related poison control calls.”     And then there are long-term effects.  “THC addiction, and yes it is addicting.  And don’t talk to guys like me.  If you don’t want to believe law enforcement, go talk to people in the therapy business.   Go talk to clinical psychologists.  Psychosis, depression, anxiety, suicide, reshaping of brain matter.”

Fisher says he’s seriously concerned with the amount of misinformation out there on marijuana.  “I don’t know why we’re wasting our valuable time talking about medical marijuana.  We need to be focused on the pandemic, and other issues.”





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