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Former U.S. Senator concerned with DOJ and FBI after search of Trump’s Florida home

Trent Lott
Photo courtesy of Trent Lott

After the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI) search of the Mar-a-Lago home of former U.S. President Donald Trump, many prominent governmental figures began to wonder what President Joe Biden’s role in the event was.

In a recent interview on The Gallo Show, former U.S. Senator Trent Lott, R-Miss., stated that he did not think that President Biden was aware that the controversial FBI search was going to take place prior to its occurrence.

“Well, I believe he did not know, and that does tell you something when the President of the United States does not know something that the Executive Branch — this case the Justice Department, the FBI — are doing on his watch,” Lott said of the President’s knowledge of the raid. “That is a problem.”

Lott proceeded to call the method in which the search was executed both “inappropriate” and “unnecessary.” The retired Senator believes that a myriad of different steps could have been employed to acquire the classified White House documents that the former president was accused of taking to his Florida residence.

“One of the things that I was always zealous of when I was in the Congress was making clear to the Executive Branch that the Legislative Branch is a separate entity, and you cannot invade our privileges,” Lott said. “For instance, the FBI took the cell phone of a Congressman last week. You can’t do that. That was an illegal act in my opinion.”

Moreover, Lott expressed his concerns with the Department of Justice as well as the FBI, an agency that he has always respected following these recent incidents. He is worried about the direction that both entities are heading and that there is no accountability for their actions.

“I have always been a great defender of the FBI. I’ve always had some questions about the Justice Department, but I am really really worried now about the FBI and the Justice Department being out of control,” Lott said.

The full interview with former Senator Trent Lott can be watched below.

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