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Greyhound moves operations from Jackson after city and state fail to fund bus station

Greyhound bus
Photo courtesy of Greyhound Bus/Facebook

If you plan on taking a Greyhound bus to Jackson, you shouldn’t.

On Monday, it was announced that Greyhound had moved its business from Union Station in downtown Jackson to Love’s Travel Stop in Flowood. As of Wednesday morning, Flowood city attorney Rusty Fortenberry had informed SuperTalk Mississippi News that the transit company was no longer operating out of the truck stop following a cease-and-desist letter from the city.

“Neither Love’s nor Greyhound had talked to the city at all about the situation,” Fortenberry said. “That property is zoned for C-3, which does not include mass transportation facilities or transportation terminals, so we simply sent a cease-and-desist letter Tuesday morning. It’s my understanding they’re no longer picking up passengers in Flowood.”

While it’s unclear where passengers are now being picked up and dropped off, Senator John Horhn, D-Jackson, says the move from Union Station was expected to take place — just not this soon.

“We knew that was coming, but we didn’t know it was going to arrive as quickly as it did,” Horhn said in an appearance on The Gallo Show. “It was made known to the Jackson delegation toward the end of the session that Greyhound was saying, ‘We need at least a million dollars worth of improvements to Union Station.'”

Greyhound previously issued complaints to both the city and the legislature about leaks in the building, homeless individuals sleeping overnight at the station, as well as about the overall upkeep of Jackson’s main bus station.

“The city broke in that regard because they didn’t have the money to cover that particular issue and we were unsuccessful at the last minute at getting some resources from the state,” Horhn said.

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