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Hospitals and clinics urged to claim unclaimed property

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State Treasurer David McRae is urging hospitals and clinics to search for and claim any unclaimed property held by the state to help boost Mississippi’s healthcare infrastructure and support frontline workers.

State Treasurer David McRae

According to McRae, the American Hospital Association reported in March: “Due to expenses to treat COVID-19 patients, hospitals are currently losing up to $1 million per day.” McRae says, in the last month, the state has returned more than $30,000 to hospitals and clinics in the state but much more remains unclaimed.

“Hospitals and our frontline healthcare workers have made tremendous sacrifices to test and treat Mississippians during the COVID-19 pandemic,” said McRae. “To boost our healthcare infrastructure and support frontline workers, I strongly encourage hospitals and clinics to search for and claim any Unclaimed Property held by the state. Especially during this time of uncertainty, we are focused on getting Unclaimed Property out of the state’s accounts and into the hands of its rightful owners.”

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak, the State Treasury has returned more than $600,000 in unclaimed property to Mississippians.

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