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House Minority Leader Robert Johnson: It’s time to decriminalize marijuana

Several lawmakers have expressed a willingness to go into special session to create a medical marijuana program.  During a visit on The Gallo Radio Show on SuperTalk Mississippi, House Minority Leader Robert Johnson told us he’d be willing to take it even further.  He’d support the legalization of medical AND recreational marijuana.  “”My incentive about medical marijuana is to lead us to a point that–just like a lot of other things–that we decriminalize marijuana and we reduce the population in prison where we’re locking up all these people.”

Now that the Supreme Court ruling has negated both medical marijuana and the ballot initiative process, he believes lawmakers are being given an opportunity to regulate marijuana, and keep the program out of the state constitution.

“A third of the states in this country have legalized medical marijuana, or something like that.  It is happening.”  He believes attitudes about marijuana are changing, and Mississippi should get ahead of the trend.

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