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Hurricane Zeta: MEMA reports damage to 32,000 homes

Radar image courtesy of MEMA/NOAA

The latest preliminary damage from the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency further underscores the devastation left in the path of Hurricane Zeta, the Category 2 storm that moved across the Gulf Coast in late-October. 

In addition to two fatalities and 77 injuries, MEMA is currently reporting damage to 32,071 homes across 10 counties along with public roads and buildings. 

The latest figures, which may change as damage assessments continue, can be seen below.


  • Total Homes Affected: 2,535
  • Total Businesses/Farms Affected: 20
  • Total Public Roads/Buildings Affected: 69


  • Total Homes Affected: 26,838
  • Total Businesses/Farms Affected: 212
  • Total Public Roads/Buildings Affected: 928


  • Total Homes Affected: 993
  • Total Businesses/Farms Affected: 35


  • Total Homes Affected: 22
  • Total Businesses/Farms Affected: 1


  • Total Homes Affected: 990
  • Total Businesses/Farms Affected: 20
  • Total Public Roads/Buildings Affected: 6


  • Total Homes Affected: 408
  • Total Businesses/Farms Affected: 4

Pearl River:

  • Total Homes Affected: 30


  • Total Homes Affected: 44
  • Total Public Roads/Buildings Affected: 6


  • Total Homes Affected: 161
  • Total Businesses/Farms Affected: 4
  • Total Public Roads/Buildings Affected: 2


  • Total Homes Affected: 50
  • Total Businesses/Farms Affected: 2
  • Total Public Roads/Buildings Affected: 2 

FEMA has been requested to conduct joint damage assessments of the impacted areas.

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