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Hyde-Smith warns families and businesses will pay more for bad Biden energy policies

Image courtesy of the Office of Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith

The price of gas has gone up more than 50% since President Biden took office, and Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith is concerned that families and businesses in Mississippi and across the nation will continue to pay the price for what she calls ‘President Biden’s self-inflicted American energy crisis.’

Hyde-Smith participated in an Energy Day news conference to criticize the increasingly dire effects of those policies Wednesday.

“Here again we find ourselves in a self-inflicted crisis by the Biden administration,” Hyde-Smith said.  “In addition to the border, Afghanistan, and inflation, we now have an energy crisis, as well.  It started Day One of the Biden administration. Mississippians are paying $3 a gallon of gas, and believe you me, I am hearing from them.”

Hyde-Smith, a member of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, believes rising energy prices have a direct link to President Biden’s actions to block oil and gas leases in the Gulf of Mexico and other federal properties, the cancelation of the Keystone XL pipeline, rejoining the Paris Climate Agreement, and other regulatory actions by the administration.

Average gasoline prices nationally are $3.40 a gallon—a more than 50 percent increase since Biden took office.  Worse, the Energy Information Administration’s 2021 Winter Fuels Outlook predicts significantly higher home heating costs—especially for homes and businesses relying on natural gas and propane—even if it’s a mild winter.

“With winter coming on, this will be devastating to all American families.  The prices are headed in the wrong direction.  The Biden administration is headed in the wrong direction,” Hyde-Smith warned.  “This is not going to get any better if the Biden administration does not reverse these policies.  They are definitely headed in the wrong direction for the American people.  It’s pretty sad.”

Hyde-Smith and her colleagues were also critical of the evolving multi-trillion-dollar social programs and climate change package being negotiated by Biden and congressional Democrats.

Rather than address the harmful effect of inflated energy costs on the American economy and families, reports indicate that Biden’s reckless tax and spend package will include provisions to cripple oil, natural gas, and coal from federal lands and waters; implement a dirt tax on mining; and create a punishing fee on American natural gas production.

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