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If it were Voter I.D. and not medical marijuana, would MS Supreme Court have ruled the same way

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An interesting perspective on the recent state Supreme Court decision that tossed out the voter ballot initiative process and medical marijuana.  Matt Steffy is a Professor at MS College School of Law:  “If you didn’t know the subject matter of this amendment–had it been voter I.D. and not medical marijuana–I’m not sure it comes out the same way,” Steffy suggested during an interview on The Gallo Radio Show on SuperTalk Mississippi this morning.

Steffy told us he doesn’t think the outcome was inevitable.  “There are statewide appointments that still use the old congressional districts,” he pointed out.  He does agree with lawmakers who have said that legislating by constitutional amendment is not optimal.  “Having a 10 or 15 page long amendment that looks more like regular legislation ties the hands of the ordinary branches of government.”

Steffy believes voters should have a way to force legislation when they feel their voices are being ignored.

Some lawmakers have expressed a willingness to reinstate the voter ballot initiative with changes that keep hot button issues like medical marijuana out out of the state constitution.


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