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Initiative 77 would legalize marijuana in Mississippi

Image courtesy of Harvard Health

As we await a ruling from the state Supreme Court on whether or not the initiative process used to legalize medical marijuana was constitutional, a Moss Point doctor–David Allen–has introduced Initiative 77.  This proposal takes Initiative 65 further.  It would basically legalize marijuana, decriminalize it’s use, and make it legal for doctor to study any potential health benefits.

During an interview on The Gallo Show on SuperTalk MS, Allen explained that he believes attitudes are changing, and that cannabis can be used to treat a number of health conditions without causing harm.

“Cannabis has addictive properties of only 7-9%, which is exactly the same as coffee.  It’s much less addictive than alcohol or tobacco, and certainly less harmful than any pharmaceutical that you can name,” Allen said.

He does have a history of run-ins with the law, and in the past has faced drug charges related to the cultivation and possession of marijuana.

Initiative 77 has a long road ahead before it would make its way onto a general election ballot.  First, it’ll need 106-thousand signatures.  It’s really up to residents to decide whether it survives.


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