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Jackson mayor says boil water notice could be lifted in days, not weeks

Photo courtesy of Lumumba/Facebook.

It’s been almost two weeks since President Joe Biden approved Jackson’s emergency declaration over the city’s water crisis, leaving over 150,000 residents with little to no water.

Now, after continuous fluctuations in the water pressure, officials have reported that the overall PSI at the O.B. Curtis Water Plant has been maintained at 88 for over 24 hours.

Over the weekend, numerous repairs to the plant’s pumps and membrane trains were made, causing some concern over whether it would affect the water pressure or quantity over time.

Fortunately, both the membrane and conventional sides of the plant, as well as the tanks, are in good condition, allowing officials to increase overall production at the facility.

According to Jackson Mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba, the recent steps at the water treatment plant shows signs that the boil water notice may be lifted sooner rather than later.

“There is some optimism around those investigatory sampling,” Lumumba explained. “We are optimistic that we are looking at days, not weeks, before we can expect the boil water notice to be lifted.”

Lumumba added that although the plant is making progress, it is not prepared to fully test the water’s chemical composure at all 120 locations.

“At this time, the distribution system is not ready for full sampling to clear the boil water notice,” Lumumba stated.

The samples must show clear results for two consecutive days before the boil water notice is lifted by the Mississippi State Department of Health.

Jackson City Council agrees to use remaining ARPA funds on water crisis

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