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KLLM unveils equipment trucks for 4 Mississippi college football teams

Jackson State football's new equipment truck heading into the 2023 season

College football programs across the state will be hauling their equipment in style this fall, thanks to KLLM Transport Services.

On Thursday afternoon at Trustmark Park in Pearl, the Mississippi-based company unveiled equipment tractor-trailers for Ole Miss, Mississippi State, Southern Miss, and Jackson State, marking the 14th season in a row KLLM has donated trucks to at least one of the state’s major programs.

KLLM President and CEO Jim Richards, a native Mississippian, is excited about the designs each program selected going into the season.

“I’m partial I guess, but I will tell you that I don’t think there are any better trucks right here today, and it’s great for us to be able to put these things on the road,” Richards said. “When these schools show up, they’re never embarrassed. I always tell them, ‘I don’t know what kind of football team you’re going to have, but you’re going to have one heck of a truck.’”

A costly expense with KLLM providing the brand-new truck and trailer, fuel costs, and drivers for all four programs, Richards said the investment is well worth it as it not only showcases the schools but the company itself.

“We just enjoy doing it. I think it really helps the schools. For those people that don’t know, we pay for the entire thing,” Richards explained. “It’s about $250,000 a rig, so we’ve got about a million dollars a year tied up in these things. But I’ve got to tell you it’s a lot of fun, creates a lot of pride within the company, and it does showcase our company.”

The upcoming football season will kick off on Aug. 26, with Jackson State taking on South Carolina State in Week 0. Ole Miss, Mississippi State, and Southern Miss will all begin their 2023 campaigns on Sept. 2.

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