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Macon woman named one of the youngest Subway franchise owners in nation

Photo courtesy of Tyra Ivory/Facebook.

Mississippi native Tyra Ivory has become one of the youngest Subway franchise owners in the nation after purchasing one of the fast-food restaurant’s locations.

On October 21, the 26-year-old held a ribbon-cutting ceremony at the Subway in Macon, announcing the new transfer of ownership with city officials and the restaurant’s employees.

For over two years, Ivory’s mother, Shelleen Farmer, served as manager of the Subway before the restaurant’s owner offered to sell the location.

According to Ivory, she agreed to purchase the Subway after Farmer declined the offer, explaining that it was an offer she couldn’t pass up.

“I took a leap of faith,” Ivory said on Good Things with Rebecca Turner. “I wanted to become a franchisee because I’m very particular about the things that I consume. I’m very picky about the things that I eat.”

Ivory explained that out of the three fast-food restaurants in Macon, Subway was always her go-to place to eat.

“Subway would always be the place that I would go to, even before my mother started taking over,” Ivory said. “So when the opportunity presented itself, I took a leap of faith.”

She added that since taking over the Subway location, Ivory has learned to be more understanding of other restaurant owners and other businesses.

“It has just made me be very much more patient when I’m dining out, even when I’m ordering food,” Ivory explained. “I would just tell everyone to be patient, to be kind, to be understanding because now I’ve gotten to see the background of it.”

To see the full interview, continue watching below.

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