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Major General Boyles welcomes 400 guardsmen home

After being deployed to Washington, D.C. last week, 400 Mississippi National Guard service members have returned home after assisting law enforcement with keeping protests peaceful in the nation’s capital.

“We just got back 400 guardsmen in from Washington, D.C. last night,” Adjutant General of Mississippi Janson Boyles said on today’s episode of The Gallo Show.

While the role of ‘Task Force Magnolia’ was to prevent violence from occurring during protests, Boyles noted that Mississippi guardsmen not only aided in keeping the peace but received utmost respect while doing so.

“There were protesters who were thanking our soldiers for being there,” Boyles said. “That’s the kind of respect they were getting.”

All 400 of the guardsmen that went to D.C. were volunteers from various Mississippi battalions, and Boyles said the deployed service members were pleased with their mission.

“Last night, I greeted the soldiers as they came back from Washington, D.C. They were smiling. They were energetic. They felt like they made a contribution. They made a difference.”

To watch the full interview with Major General Boyles, click the video below.

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