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MEC President Waller on CARES Act funding

With $900 million left of the federal funding received under the CARES Act, Mississippi Economic Council (MEC) President Scott Waller joined today’s episode of The Gallo Show to talk about where he would like to see the remaining money go.

With the ongoing coronavirus pandemic highlighting the obvious need for broadband expansion across the state, Waller’s first priority, like many other state leaders, is funding for education.

“The funding for broadband and education, without question, is something that’s really important, and we’re working on an initiative in partnership with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce [on] how do we get more access to unserved, underserved areas,” he said.

From the business perspective, Waller believes some of the federal dollars need to go to two sectors—workforce training and unemployment funding—however, he understands the remaining $900 million can only go so far in the grand scheme of COVID-19’s effect on the state.

“It’s still a drop in the bucket.”

You can use the video below to watch the entire interview with Waller.

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