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Mike Leach has some interesting thoughts on grilling

Mississippi State Bulldogs Head Coach Mike Leach at 2021 SEC Media Days
Photo by SuperTalk Mississippi News

Mike Leach is a man of many skills and talents – but as of now, grilling is not one of them.

In a recent appearance on SportsTalk Mississippi, the Mississippi State head football coach was asked whether he was much of a griller. As often as not, Leach’s response was unfeigned yet comical:

“I’d like to say I am, but I always put it off. You know, I think about it, and I put it off.

“But if you go to a bigger gathering, you know, there’s always a handful of experts – and a lot of them are pseudo-experts – standing around the grill… Those grills become a mosh pit of testosterone up there. You can easily catch knees and elbows and knives and forks in your body if you get too close, so I try and make my way to the side and sample and critique. I think that’s healthier, and I think that’s more fulfilling”

SportsTalk Mississippi host Richard Cross continued on the topic, asking Leach if he may consider taking grilling up as a hobby post-football.

“I don’t think it will ever make ‘hobby,’ but it will make just a good way to eat some great food,” Leach explained. “It really doesn’t take any longer to cook it really. And I do have the perfect patio to stick a grill on, looking over the water and stuff like that. Yeah, I would do it in more of a functional fashion instead of, you know, some hobby.”

The full interview with Leach can be watched below.

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