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Mississippi author highlights local high schools playing in historic locations

King Field Brookhaven
Brookhaven High School's King Field (photo courtesy of Nash Nunnery)

As high school football kicks off across Mississippi, some teams will be playing in historic locations this season.

Nash Nunnery, author of the brand new book Magnolia Gridiron Cathedrals: The Most Historic and Unique High School Football Fields in Mississippi, traveled to 47 different venues across the state to tell the stories of each one.

At least three of the facilities Nunnery visited are over 100 years old and bring history to life under the bright lights on Friday nights.

Two of the fields belong to small high schools in rural areas of Mississippi. One of the football stadiums sits at a location that has been used for athletic events since shortly after the Civil War ended.

“Harpole Stadium in Philadelphia, Mississippi — home of Marcus Dupree — is 103 years old. Forest County Agricultural High School in the unincorporated area of Brooklyn, Mississippi — that field will be 102 this year,” Nunnery said Good Things with Rebecca Turner. “In Vicksburg, St. Aloysius Catholic School — Balzli Field there — the stadium itself is not that old. It dates back to 1912, but the site as an athletic venue dates back to the early 1890s, and they’re all being used today.”

Many private schools in the Magnolia State began their seasons last week. The Mississippi High School Activities Association’s regular football season begins on Friday, August 25.

Nunnery will be signing copies of his latest work during the Mississippi Book Festival being held at the State Capitol on Saturday. The author will also be participating in a panel discussion on Mississippi Culture at 4 p.m.

The full interview with Nunnery can be watched below.


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