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Mississippi congressmen on additional relief package, oversight panel

This past Thursday, the House of Representatives passed an additional coronavirus-relief package valued at $484 million, as well as the implementation of a coronavirus oversight panel.

Congressmen from Mississippi have released the following statements.

Michael Guest, 3rd District: 

“This legislation created a committee that will use taxpayer resources to fund political attacks during an election year. The CARES Act provided extensive oversight to review the government’s coronavirus response, including $20 million to the Government Accountability Office. At best, a new House oversight committee will be wasteful and redundant, but it’s more likely the Democratic-controlled committee will use taxpayer dollars to renew politically motivated attacks against Republicans in an election year. Now is not the time for another wave of highly divisive, politically motivated attacks like we saw in the impeachment sham.”

Steven Palazzo, 4th District: 

“I am proud to vote in support of replenishing the Paycheck Protection Program that has already helped thousands of Mississippi-owned small businesses and their employees. The legislation passed today also provides additional support for our healthcare workers and hospitals who have remained dedicated to winning this fight since the beginning. The bill now moves to President Trump’s desk and more relief will be delivered as expeditiously as possible.”


*No official statements have yet been released by Bennie Thompson or Trent Kelly.

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