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Mississippi Education Board opens door for teachers to carry guns to school

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The Mississippi Board of Education voted on Thursday to allow individuals with enhanced concealed carry permits to carry guns inside public schools.

During the meeting, Mississippi Department of Education General Counsel Erin Meyer explained how the decision was made in an effort to align with the state legislature’s 2011 creation of the “enhanced carry” permit.

“State board policies can’t prohibit something that is authorized in law,” she said.

A temporary policy was also put in place requiring each school district to have a policy in place concerning guns and other weapons on school premises. It will be up to the individual district to create policies allowing teachers and administrators with permits to carry guns to school. All policies must be in compliance with both federal and state laws.

The decision comes 32 years after the board voted in 1990 to prohibit all guns, exempting those of authorized law enforcement, inside Mississippi K-12 schools.

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