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Mississippi families are ‘hurting from inflation,’ State Auditor’s report finds

State Auditor Shad White

According to a recent report released by State Auditor Shad White’s office, inflation is causing Mississippi taxpayers to pay more for nearly everything purchased by government agencies.

Necessary commodities such as asphalt, electricity, food, and fuel that are acquired by various government departments have elevated in price due to inflation.

The purpose of the report is to alert policymakers to the cost of inflation on government spending and to help public officials more effectively plan future budgets by anticipating these costs so that taxpayer dollars are spent more efficiently.

“Families are hurting from inflation every time they visit the gas station or grocery store,” Auditor White said. “Taxpayers need to know that the money they’ve given to the government won’t go as far, too. I hope this report will help budget writers anticipate where their costs will be higher in coming months.”

The report finds that:

  • Increased fuel prices have cost the Mississippi Department of Public Safety up to $750,000 in 2022.
  • Law enforcement agencies may be forced to cut patrols in the future if gas prices remain high.
  • As roadbuilding supplies like asphalt and drainage pipes become more expensive, the Mississippi Department of Transportation may not be able to complete all its scheduled projects at their original budgeted costs.
  • With electricity prices spiking, the cost for the Mississippi Department of Corrections to house inmates has increased dramatically.
  • Taxpayers will foot the bill for meal programs in schools and prisons as food prices rise.

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