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Mississippi Highway Patrol trying to steer evacuees to places that do have fuel

It’s already been an extremely busy week for the Mississippi Highway Patrol, and because of the traffic resulting from Hurricane Ida that’s not going to change.  Not only are evacuees flooding into our state to get gas and supplies, some are simply trying to get back to their homes.  And if you are one of many who left as Hurricane Katrina threatened Mississippi more than 16 years ago now, there’s no doubt your emotions were running rampant as you considered the possibilities of what you might or might not find at the other end of your trip.

Would your home still be there?  Did it flood during the hurricane?  How are my kids going to handle seeing the destruction?  And so on…and so on.

Yes, there are long lines at gas stations.  Yes, grocery store shelves are emptying quickly.  But as many Mississippian’s have their own memories of the destruction left behind 16 years ago, it’s easy to see why random acts of kindness are taking place across the entire state.

Major Johnny Poulos with the Mississippi Highway Patrol joined The Gallo Show on SuperTalk Mississippi this morning to clarify reports that exits were being shut down in some areas.

“As you know a lot of gas stations were out of fuel.  So we had a lot of traffic getting off on these exits trying to find gas stations.  So there was an effort in place–there are still efforts in place–to correct that and just to help navigate people to the exits that do have fuel.”

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