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Mississippi increases statute of limitations to investigate bribery cases

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Mississippi is now taking steps to give investigators more time to look into bribery cases.

Governor Tate Reeves signed House Bill 405, authored by Representative Nick Bain, R-Corinth, which increases the statute of limitations on bribery from three years to five years, imitating federal law.

State Auditor Shad White touted this newly signed bill as a victory for Mississippi taxpayers.

“This new law is important because white-collar crime gets more and more complex every year,” said Auditor White. “It takes time to unravel the schemes when someone steals taxpayer money. Now Mississippi’s bribery statute of limitations matches federal law and gives my investigators more time to uncover theft.”

White has been a vocal advocate for several new laws during his tenure that have toughened penalties on criminals.

Over the last four years and at his encouragement, lawmakers have passed:

  • SB 2338 (2022) requires the Department of Human Services Fraud Investigations Unit to report suspected crimes to the Auditor’s Office,
  • HB 1365 (2022) bans private funding from being given to Election Commissions,
  • HB 136 (2021) ensures anyone who handles public dollars regularly has to have a surety bond, and
  • SB 2552 (2021) ensures those charged with embezzlement of public dollars over $10,000 are not eligible for pre-trial diversion.
  • HB 1352 (2019) bans non-adjudication sentences for convictions of embezzlement of public dollars.

“Thank you to Governor Reeves and the lawmakers who worked on this bill. With their help, we are sending a message that theft of your money carries serious consequences,” White said.

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