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Mississippi influencer competes on game show hosted by Jay Leno

Photo courtesy of Nicole Lynn Brown/Facebook

A Mississippi influencer was recently selected to be featured as a contestant on You Bet Your Life with Jay Leno, a game show that allows players to win big by answering trivia questions.

According to Nicole Lynn Brown, a fashion and lifestyle social media influencer from Madison, she was paired randomly with another contestant, and together, they had to work to advance through the competition.

“You come up on stage and Jay Leno presents you with about three or five categories. You and your partner are supposed to select a category and then there are five questions and for each question that you get correct, you get money,” Brown explained. “At the end, Jay Leno asks, ‘Do you want to bet all of your winnings and double it or do you want to just leave and go home with what you earned?'”

Brown said that the players were required to not pause when speaking during the show, as well as keep their eyes on the cameras or Jay Leno.

“You cannot have any long pauses. You have to continuously talk to your partner,” Brown stated. “When I got a question I didn’t know, you don’t have much time to think so you have to just talk it out with your partner.”

Brown added that she connected with Leno during the episode when he commented on her makeup application, leading Brown to want to give a shoutout to her local Sephora back in her home state.

“Jay Leno mentions my lipstick and how he thought that was the most perfect lipstick applied,” Brown said. “I really wanted to say I got it from Sephora in Mississippi, but I remembered from our meeting that I couldn’t even mention a brand name.”

At the end of the episode, Brown explained that she and her partner, Marty, decided to choose to bet their winnings on the final question for a chance to win $5,000 cash.

“It was a really cool experience. Jay Leno was super nice. He has the prettiest blue eyes and he was just really nice, down to earth,” Brown stated. “I also met a lot of great people. We got to know each other for sitting in the studio for eight hours with no phones, no devices, or anything.”

You can watch Brown’s episode on Tubi by clicking here.

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