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Mississippi reports over 4400 new COVID cases today, a new record by almost 1-thousand

Image courtesy of the Department of Defense

Over 4400 new cases of COVID are being reported in Mississippi today, a new record by almost 1-thousand.  During a visit with SuperTalk Mississippi this morning on The Gallo Show, Dobbs said out of those 4400 they anticipate at least 309 new hospitalizations and 93 deaths.

“We know that if people go in the hospital with COVID, the mortality rate is 15%,” he told us.  “This is no small thing.”  The mortality group that’s growing the most rapidly is 50-64, but a dozen people under that age have passed away this week.  97% of new cases are among the unvaccinated, and some of those are re-infections.

“Previous infection is not a surefire way to keep from getting it again.  90% of hospitalizations are unvaccinated, and 85% of deaths are among the unvaccinated,” according to Dobbs.  That’s because they’re seeing spillover in vaccinated older Mississippians and people with weak immune systems.  Of the vaccinated deaths, the median age is 78, and over half had severe underlying immune weaknesses.

There has been a tripling in the vaccination rate over the past month.  Dobbs told us they gave over 60-thousand doses last week.  “At some point you’re either going to have to get the vaccine, or COVID.  And COVID is deadly, it’s killed over 7500 Mississippians, and we haven’t confirmed a single death from the vaccine.”


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