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Mississippi Senator Roger Wicker pushes for more weapons to defend Ukraine against Putin

Photo courtesy of U.S. Senator Roger Wicker

Mississippi Senator Roger Wicker–a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee–joined “Cavuto: Coast to Coast” on Fox Business today to discuss the latest developments in Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

Wicker met with members of the Ukrainian parliament Wednesday and expressed concerns about a disconnect between what we’re hearing here at home and what he’s being told by the government that’s actually fighting the war.

“We met with six members of the Ukrainian parliament yesterday, and they told us what they need,” Wicker added. “And frankly, they said, they’re not getting it. There’s a disconnect from what we’re hearing from our military team and our State Department team, and what we’re being told by the government that’s actually fighting this war with boots on the ground.”

Wicker underscored Putin’s “delusional” attitude as reports emerge regarding the growing distrust between the Russian dictator and his senior military advisers.

“I think we know that Vladimir Putin in so many ways is delusional,” Wicker said. “He thought his troops were equal to this … He’s bound to be badly disappointed and shocked by what he’s been told.”

The Mississippi Senator continues to press for the swift transport of military aid to Ukraine including systems such as MiG jets, air defense, and other defensive systems. Wicker has also recently advocated for increasing U.S. leadership in Eastern Europe and providing more support to NATO allies.

Watch the full segment here. Read more about Wicker’s recent work on national security here.

(Source:  Senator Roger Wicker)

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