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Mississippi teacher suspended for boycotting mask mandate

Tyler Kuntz is a teacher in the Oxford School District that was suspended for two days without pay for taking a stance against the district’s mask mandate.  During an interview on The Gallo Show this morning, Kuntz told us the community was notified of the school boards plan to give a mask recommendation for those who were not vaccinated.  “If you were vaccinated, masks were not required.  So everyone had the freedom to think for themselves.”  The community and the school board gave full support to that plan.

But a few days later that changed.  “Because in that policy there was one clause that allowed our Superintendent to reverse that unilaterally.”  Kuntz argues that he’s looking at bigger principles involving our kids, our public schools and individual freedoms.  “We have increasing evidence that these kids are bothered in their actual health by the masks.  We don’t want to ban masks.  We want to restore the individual freedom of parents they ought to have.”

Oxford School District Superintendent Bradley Roberson told us last week the mandate is about keeping kids from being quarantined.  He says school leaders are being forced to choose between short term health and the long term affects of kids not having a quality education.

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