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Mitigation grants available to cities, counties and government agencies across the state through Dec. 1st

Image courtesy of MEMA

Cities, counties and government agencies across the state can apply for mitigation grants through December first.  MEMA Director Stephen McCraney told us more about the Building Resilient Infrastructure and Communities Grant Program  (BRIC) .

“If you have flooding in an area like the Delta, or in the city of Jackson where the Pearl River comes through, this is a significant amount of money that FEMA is putting toward (mitigation) because they realize now that if you mitigate something, it doesn’t cost that much to put it back.”

In the past, mitigation funds were used to fix the dam at the old Legion Lake off Highway 49.  “That was on the list of the 3 most–I guess–nervous dams in Mississippi.”  Several organizations pulled together to get the money to fix the dam, which had been in danger of bursting.

Individuals and businesses are not eligible to apply for HMA funds; however, an eligible Applicant or subapplicant may apply for funding on behalf of individuals and businesses.


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