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Monkeying around in Mississippi: Brandon-based exotic animal attraction gains popularity across state

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One of Mississippi’s newest exotic animal attractions has started to gain popularity across the state, with the Brandon business quickly reaching almost 50 animals in its possession.

Since 2019, Full House Exotics owner Tami Holliman has allowed local friends and family into her home to see her collection of exotic animals. According to Holliman, her love for animals gave those who visited a safe way to get outdoors during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“People were just tired of being inside and they were looking for a place to go that was not overly crowded, so it was just perfect for us,” Holliman explained on a recent episode of Mary Wieden & You.

Holliman stated that those wishing to see the animals would be taken on private tours, where each individual would be able to have a one-on-one experience with different types of primates, reptiles, and more. She continued, saying the location almost closed down due to the high cleaning costs after giving free tours for eight months, but was able to remain open due to donations from the public.

Now, Full House Exotics has obtained a USDA license and LLC, granting the public full access to visit the various animals in Brandon.

So far, the location has 42 different animals, including two spider monkeys, one owl monkey, two red-handed tamarins, lemurs, a sloth, an anteater, a kinkajou, African small spotted genets, tortoises, snakes, and more.

For more information about the quickly growing exotic animal attraction, continue watching below.

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