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‘Mosquito Flag’ artist discusses his viral creation

As Mississippi continues its search for a new state flag, one design, in particular, has gone viral—the “Mosquito Flag.”

The Mosquito Flag was originally created by Thomas Rosete as a way to poke fun at one of his co-workers who was against changing the former Mississippi state flag, however, the flag which dons the insect well-known by Mississippians all around was able to advance to the selection process’s round of 144.

Even though the flag commission blamed a “typo” on the Mosquito Flag being included as a possible design for a new state flag, Rosete is still proud of the positive traction the comical flag was able to gain.

Check out the backstory of how the Mosquito Flag came to be plus what’s next for a flag that so many have come to love using the video below.

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