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MS Medical Marijuana Association Director hopeful grievances can be resolved

Photo courtesy of Medical Marijuana 2020

Now that the state Supreme Court has struck down medical marijuana and the ballot initiative process, it’s up to the Legislature to decide how to proceed.  Several lawmakers have expressed a willingness to go into special session to either reinstate the ballot initiative process, sort out the medical marijuana program, or both.  Only the Governor can call a special session, and he is still mulling that over.

Ken Newburger, the Director of the MS Medical Marijuana Association, recognizes the issues some had with the program.  During an interview on The Gallo Radio Show on SuperTalk Mississippi, he said he hopes things can be worked out.  “I think it’s very obvious when you look at the Legislature and the Mississippi Municipal League, they all had grievances with the way Initiative 65 was structured.  We need to bring everybody to the table to fix those problems.”

He’s hopeful they’ll come to some sort of an agreement.  “It’s great that the Legislature has already recognized the problem of medical marijuana and the constitutional process going away.  I don’t think there needs to be a giant campaign from the MS Medical Marijuana Association.  I think we’re all ready to sit down and work together.  There are no villian’s here.  We’re ready to talk.”


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