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Museum of Natural Science offering special exhibit for ‘World Snake Day’

Photo courtesy of Mississippi State University

The Mississippi Museum of Natural Science will be celebrating World Snake Day this Friday with an open display of the reptiles throughout the facility.

From 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., spectators will have the opportunity to learn more about snakes with an up close and personal view of the creatures.

Nicole Smith, an event planner at the museum, encourages those interested in the slithery reptiles to visit the exhibit while also assuring the public that all of the snakes will be accompanied by trained personnel.

“All of these animals are going to be spread throughout the building with volunteers, museum staff, and herpetology professionals,” Smith said on Good Things with Rebecca Turner. “As you walk through the building, you’re getting the chance to meet those animals, and meet the people who are working with them and who can represent them well.”

In addition, state herpetologist Emily Fields will be presenting a couple of lectures in the museum’s theater. She will inform attendees on how to spot the differences between venomous snakes and non-venomous ones.

“Snakes have a role in the environment. They eat things we don’t like such as rats and things like that. We have some snakes that eat other snakes like speckled king snakes are immune to the venom of venomous snakes,” Smith added. “All snakes have a role in the ecosystem, and we just need to know how to be good neighbors with them so everybody lives happily.”

Members of boy scout troops will also have the opportunity to meet several requirements to earn their reptilian and amphibian badges during Friday’s event.

Watch the full interview with Smith below.

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