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Nearly $80 million in lottery funds help Mississippi roads

Image courtesy of the Mississippi Department of Transportation
*Story updated on 2/10

New funds from the state lottery have allowed the Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT) to address much-needed maintenance projects and repave over 250 miles of highway across the state.

MDOT received roughly $80 million in lottery funds and the Mississippi Transportation Commission quickly put a priority on pavement restoration, specifically focusing on upgrades to aged infrastructure around the state. These pavement rehabilitation projects were urgently needed in rural Mississippi communities and will provide safer and smoother travel conditions.

“We don’t gamble on safety. MDOT wasted no time putting these funds to use and awarded numerous projects throughout the state, many are already underway” said Commissioner Tom King, chair, Mississippi Transportation Commission. “MDOT is very appreciative of the legislature for designating a portion of the lottery proceeds to Mississippi’s maintenance needs.”

As of December 2020, a total of 281 miles have been or will be repaved, and so far, a total of $73.4 million has been awarded for these projects statewide.

In the northern district, pavement restoration projects awarded this year include:

  • SR 371 from the Monroe county line to the Lee county line in Itawamba County.
  • U.S. 278 from SR 25 south to SR 8 in Monroe County.
  • SR 305 from SR 4 to the DeSoto county line in Tate County.
  • SR 305 from the Tate county line to Lewisburg in DeSoto County.
  • U.S. 278 from SR 8 to the Alabama state line in Monroe County.
  • SR 35 from U.S. 51 to the end of state maintenance in Panola County.
  • SR 330 from east of I-55 to County Road 65 in Yalobusha County.
  • SR 4 from SR 371 to the Tishomingo county line in Prentiss County.
  • SR 9 from SR 15 to U.S. 278 in Pontotoc County.
  • SR 338 from SR 9 to the end of the three-lane section in Pontotoc County.
  • U.S. 51 from Panola county line to Warrior Drive in Tate County.
  • SR 6 from SR 178 to Nettleton in Lee County.

In the central district, pavement restoration projects awarded this year include:

  • U.S. 51 from 1.1 miles north of SR 17 to 0.26 miles south of Aldy Road in Holmes County.
  • SR 424 from U.S. 51 to the end of state maintenance in Holmes County.
  • SR 432 from SR 433 to I-55 in Yazoo County.
  • SR 17 from SR 12 to the Carroll county line in Holmes County.
  • SR 18 from 0.7 miles east of Gibson Road to 0.4 miles west of Lemon Road in Claiborne County.
  • SR 819 from SR 18 to the end of state maintenance in Claiborne County.
  • SR 467 from SR 22 to Utica Street in Edwards in Hinds County.
  • SR 852 through the town of Brooksville in Noxubee County.
  • SR 19 from the end of the proposed four-lane to SR 16 in Neshoba County.
  • SR 21 through the town of Sebastopol in Scott County.
  • SR 492 from the Newton county line to SR 21 in Scott County.
  • SR 492 from Decatur Street to SR 15 in Newton County.
  • SR 43 through the town of Thomastown in Leake County.
  • SR 429 through the town of Thomastown in Leake County.
  • SR 21 from Dixon to SR 15 in Neshoba County.
  • U.S. 80 from the Rankin county line to SR 13 in Scott County.
  • SR 39 from the end of four-lane to the Kemper county line in Lauderdale County.
  • SR 21 from the Neshoba county line to SR 397 in Kemper County.
  • SR 444 from SR 1 to U.S. 61 in Bolivar County.
  • U.S. 61 from SR 547 to Glensade Subdivision Road in Claiborne County.

In the southern district, pavement restoration projects awarded this year include:

  • SR 198 from U.S. 98 in Beaumont to U.S. 98 in Perry County.
  • SR 198 from U.S. 98 in McLain to SR 57 in Greene County.
  • U.S. 49 from U.S. 90 to 28th Street in Harrison County.
  • SR 145 from U.S. 45 to 150 feet north of SR 513 in Clarke County.
  • SR 26 from the Pearl River county line to Fairgrounds Street in Stone County.
  • SR 43 from the end of four-lane to SR 603 in Hancock County.
  • SR 29 from JP Gaddy Road north eight miles to Ellisville in Jones County.
  • Resurface 5.9 miles of SR 603 and 7.3 miles of SR 53 in Hancock County.
  • Resurface 10.5 miles of SR 43 in Pearl River County.
  • SR 48W east to SR 48E in Walthall County.
  • SR 37 from the Covington county line north to Taylorsville in Smith County.
  • SR 930 from the beginning of state maintenance east to SR 555 in Adams County.
  • SR 932 From the beginning of state maintenance east to SR 555 in Adams County.
  • U.S. 61 frontage road from Bingaman Lane north to Melrose-Montebello Parkway in Adams County.
  • SR 184 from U.S. 84W east to U.S. 84E in Lawrence County.
  • SR 584 from SR 24 east to Bates School Road in Amite County.
  • U.S. 51 from U.S. 98E north 4.8 miles to U.S. 98W in Pike County.
  • SR 37 from County Road 80 north 5.1 miles to SR 35 in Smith County.
  • SR 589 from Lamar county line north five miles to Herrin Road in Covington County.
  • SR 29 from the Stone County line north and SR 29 from SR 149 to the Perry county line in Stone and Perry counties.

“Adequate funding is the winning ticket for safe and efficient transportation infrastructure. These paving projects make our highways safer and make Mississippi a better place to live and work,” said Commissioner Willie Simmons, Central Transportation District. “I want to thank Gov. Tate Reeves, Speaker Philip Gunn, former Gov. Phil Bryant, and our legislators during the 2018 special extraordinary session for committing $80 million in lottery proceeds that will go a long way in maintaining the state’s infrastructure.”

An investment in transportation infrastructure benefits communities and businesses and supports economic development. This work helps improve the quality of life and employment opportunities for Mississippians around the state.

“Paving projects help ensure the people and businesses of Mississippi have efficient and reliable infrastructure for travel and transport of goods and services,” said Commissioner John Caldwell, Northern Transportation District. “This money isn’t just going into Mississippi’s highways—it’s going to our people as well. You will begin seeing the benefits of these projects soon.”

Hear Commissioner Simmons speak more on the road updates below:

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