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News Director's Note

News director’s note: SuperTalk Mississippi News joins MPA

Ever since rejoining the SuperTalk Mississippi News team three years ago, our goal as a newsroom has been to deliver listenable, readable, and above all – objective – news to Mississippians across all 82 counties.

It’s no secret that this company, SuperTalk Mississippi Media, has a lot that falls under its purview. From talk and music programs to broadcasts under the lights on Friday and Saturday nights, just about anyone can find something they enjoy being distributed through this localized, media conglomerate that Steve Davenport, Kim Dillon, and a long list of others have worked tirelessly to build.

And when you begin to peel back the layers of SuperTalk Mississippi Media, the newsroom has always and continues to be a nucleus of what, to me, is a multinucleate company. We interject hourly during the talk, the music, and sports to report on what’s happening across the state. Hinged on the Five Ws of journalism, our team strives daily to report the news objectively and impartially. Then, the talk hosts and music jocks can take those stories and analyze, opine, etc. More importantly, the people can take those stories and form their own opinions after being given the facts.

That’s how news should be presented, in my opinion.

Over the past three years, while all of us at SuperTalk Mississippi News have still made our work behind the microphone a priority, we have placed a special emphasis on the digital side of our network. The pen is powerful and so is the mic. Combined with the right people, our news team has been able to reach never-before-seen heights in not only reporting what matters to Mississippians but reaching more Mississippians, with that number growing by the day.

As we continue to advance the digital side of our mission, I am both pleased and proud to announce that the Mississippi Press Association Board of Directors has voted SuperTalk Mississippi News as its newest affiliate.

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MPA has long been a stronghold in the state’s newspaper industry – with 158 annual meetings under its belt and over 100 member newsrooms currently participating – and as the Digital Age continues to set in, a lot of our online work at SuperTalk Mississippi News is something you would find (and occasionally do find) in a newspaper. Our online presence has allowed us to expound on the blips heard on air and work the feature side that journalists and readers alike love.

This affiliation will allow SuperTalk Mississippi News to be eligible to participate in a host of programs, including conferences, webinar workshops, and contests. The goal is to utilize the resources MPA offers to both grow as a newsroom and to work with others of the same flock to provide accurate news to our fellow Mississippians who without, journalism would not exist.

Paired with how our online content aligns with MPA, the association also prioritizes the power of local journalism – something that this company and newsroom were built on way before I came aboard. While mass marketing has taken over portions of the radio, television, and newspaper industries, SuperTalk Mississippi Media and SuperTalk Mississippi News have gone the opposite direction. And we’re not alone in that fight as many MPA members can attest. The SuperTalk Mississippi News team looks forward to getting further involved as we each work together within our own organizations toward our shared goal of keeping Mississippians informed.

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