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Noticing foundation gaps at home amid drought? Here’s the solution

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Amid extremely dry weather that continues across the state, you might notice a gap between the ground and the actual cement poured for walkways and patios.

While this might cause concern, homebuilding expert and host of The Handyman Show Buddy Slowik said the solution is simple.

“If you have that situation and you see it at your house and your patio or anywhere at all, the best thing to do is nothing,” Slowik said. “Don’t water it. Don’t worry about trying to correct it with moisture. It’s a natural thing, and nature will take care of itself.”

Slowik added that the foundation is not actually moving. Rather, the soil is shrinking due to a lack of water. Upon the return of rain, Slowik said everything should return to normal in no time.

“As it dries out more and more, that crack will widen a little bit more,” Slowik continued. “It’s best not to do anything about leveling things or making things correctly until this situation starts to correct itself and it will because we will have rain before this is over with.”

Portions of the state have not seen measurable amounts of rain in over a month. However, some rain is expected this week.

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