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Ocean Springs woman gifts her father prized football card after he sold it 30 years earlier

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A Mississippi woman is making national headlines as she recently made a case for gift of the year after giving her father something he had been missing for over three decades.

In a video that has now been covered by multiple outlets including Fox News, USA Today, and NBC News, Lindsey Moore of Ocean Springs gave her father what many might consider a simple football card, but it wasn’t just a simple football card.

When Moore was seven years old, she remembers her father selling a 1984 Topps Dan Marino card – one that he often touted as his “most prized possession” – to get a little extra cash to be able to support his family.

In the video, you can hear Moore’s mother reading the Christmas card their daughter wrote to him as the father gets visibly emotional.

“Money was tight, so you were selling your most prized possession,” Moore wrote. “I felt your sacrifice, and it taught me that I would do whatever necessary to ensure my future family never needed for anything. It was a lesson that has stuck with me since that moment and taught me the value of the greater good.

“I will never be able to fully repay that debt. Seven-year-old me would be so elated to see that I finally fulfilled that promise I made to myself. Thank you for everything.”

As the mother finishes reading, Moore’s father takes off his glasses, wipes his eyes, and darts to his daughter to give her a well-deserved hug.

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