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October 10 is the deadline to register to vote in Mississippi

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Coming off the June primaries in which a mere 11 percent of voters showed up to the polls, leaders across Mississippi are working to get more people registered for the upcoming midterms.

AARP Mississippi State Director Kimberly Campbell, who served in the state legislature from 2008-2016, reminds those who wish to participate in the November 8 elections that they have just five days left to register by mail or in person.

“One of the deadlines that’s coming up is October 10 and that is the deadline that you have to register to vote,” AARP Mississippi State Director Kimberly Campbell said. “If you know young people in your life or you even know some adults in your life that you know are not registered, please have some really good dialogue and conversations with those individuals. Encourage them to register by October 10.”

Secretary of State Michael Watson has also been working avidly to get people registered. During the month of September, Watson’s office embarked on a “Voter Registration Road Trip,” registering 4,582 new voters.

“Through outreach and education, our goal is to build an engaged and informed electorate in Mississippi,” Watson said. “Local elections often get decided by just a handful of votes, so every vote matters. By registering to vote or verifying updated voter registration information, Mississippians can ensure their voice is heard.”

How can I register to vote?

There are multiple ways someone can register to vote in Mississippi. The easiest option is to print out this form, fill it out, and mail it to your circuit clerk. If you don’t have access to a printer, mail-in registration forms are available at the Secretary of State’s Office, in public libraries, driver’s license exam stations, circuit clerk’s office, municipal clerk’s office, and public schools.

For those who prefer the in-person route, you can visit either your circuit clerk or municipal clerk’s office and they will work to get you registered.

How can I update my voter registration?

Like registering, there are multiple ways to update voter registration in Mississippi with the easiest being online. Voter registration can also be updated at your circuit clerk or municipal clerk’s office.

To learn more about voter registration in Mississippi, visit the Secretary of State’s website.

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